Year 2 trip to Brittany Ferries Port

Steve Lawrie was our guide and told us some amazing facts about the Armorique Ferry- it took 18 months to build, costing £90 million.  The Ferry can carry 1,500 passengers and 95 crew.  There are 248 cabins and the ship fuel tanks hold 300,000 litres of fuel.  There are 2 engines, restaurants, shops, 2 cinemas, a medical room and even 2 prison cells on board.  We learned about the lifeboats too, they can carry 150 people each and a life raft can fit 30 people in.  We had a tour around the ship, even up to the bridge where we were all brave enough to complete the ‘Walk of Water’ over the glass floor, looking down 30m to the sea below.  After that we all had the chance to sit in the captains chair.



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