Home & School Partnership

We have an open door policy and you are always welcome to visit the school but since schools could attract unwelcome visitors, it is essential that you call at the school office first. If you wish to see the Head teacher to discuss any school matter it is helpful if you first make an appointment.

If you have concerns or worries about any aspect of your child’s education do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class teacher or the Head teacher. Problems can usually be resolved through informal meetings but, if necessary, there are formal complaint procedures available at the school office.

Teachers are normally available immediately after school, but we would advise you to telephone the school office beforehand to ensure that the teacher has no previous commitment. It is also helpful if you can let us know the reason for your visit so that the teacher can prepare appropriately. We also like to meet parents regularly to discuss your child’s progress. Parents’ Evenings are held three times per year when we welcome you to come to see your child’s work, discuss progress and agree targets with the class teacher. Time is necessarily brief on these evenings, but if you need a longer discussion please arrange to come and see the teacher at another time. Wherever possible appointments for meetings with your child’s teacher will be made at a time to suit you. However, the best time to have a meaningful conversation would be after 3.15pm when we can devote more time to you. Parents receive a news letter every week giving information about school dates and activities. Comprehensive information is also available on the school website: https://www.plympton-st-maurice-primary.org.uk

At Plympton St. Maurice Primary School we recognise the crucial role that parents play in helping their children learn and we firmly believe that children achieve more when school and parents work together. Parents can contribute more effectively if they know what the school is trying to achieve and how they can help. Together with parents and governors we have written a Home-School Agreement which provides the framework for such a partnership and which outlines the roles and responsibilities of both home and school. Each child’s parents are asked to sign the agreement when their child starts at our school.