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Plympton St Maurice Primary School

Plympton St Maurice Primary School

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


At Plympton St Maurice Primary School, we aim to inspire our children through our vision statement:

'Nurturing curiosity to allow happy, aspirational children to flourish'

Children learn best through experience, developing their knowledge and enjoying rich and memorable opportunities that gives them confidence to ask questions, enquire and problem solve. 

The National Curriculum is used to develop the knowledge and content of our curriculum. All learning is therefore relevant and purposeful, drawing links to the real world and where possible, making cross curricular links. Lessons regularly build upon previous knowledge which allows children to apply their understanding and think critically. Questions are regularly explored and children are given opportunities to reason, discuss and communicate their vocabulary in constructive ways.

Our core values enable our children to include everyone, support each other, encourage discussion and be resilient to challenge whilst promoting the inner, individual qualities to aspire to achieve their potential. 

We encourage our children to collaborate together, to share their knowledge whilst providing them with levels of challenge and support. We work with our children, families and wider community to promote these values and give our children the best possible start to thrive in our wider society.  


All of our subjects are implemented through the requirements of the National Curriculum. Our school values and three key principles of behaviour and learning help support the teaching and learning throughout the school.

School Values

Three Key Principles

What is used to support our learning?

  • Maths Mastery (using White Rose Maths)
  • RWInc
  • Texts that Teach
  • Opening Worlds
  • Whole Class Reading
  • Rachel Hawkes French
  • Snap Science

How do we learn?

  • Whole class teaching
  • Small group teaching
  • Frequent practice
  • Questioning
  • Quality feedback
  • Small steps learning
  • High expectations
  • Reasoning
  • Modelling
  • Cross-curricular links
  • Visitors, trips and residentials
  • Assessment for learning


We want all of our children to achieve the very best that their potential allows. Throughout their learning journey from EYFS to Year 6 they will encounter a wide range of experiences which will help shape their values and understanding of the world. We want to prepare all children for their next stage of life and allow them to thrive not only in their local community but the wider society to be successful citizens.

We measure impact through a variety of ways throughout the year. Children are assessed in termly tests, given daily feedback and assessment for learning continues throughout every unit of teaching. Pupil conferencing allows their knowledge and understanding to be checked and any gaps and misconceptions can then be addressed.