Maths at Plympton St Maurice Primary School

At Plympton St Maurice we believe Maths should allow children to think flexibly, encourage them to make connections and apply the skills they have in an unfamiliar situation. Maths is taught in year groups for an hour a day based on the 2014 National Curriculum objectives. Through our Maths lessons, we aim for children to develop Life skills, Understanding, Nurture curiosity, Aspiration and Resilience.

At Plympton St Maurice we are continuing our journey on providing ‘ A teaching for mastery of mathematics’ approach to enhance the delivery of the White Rose Math scheme. Therefore, we consistently endeavour to make the mathematics curriculum accessible to all pupils: moving them through the content of the programme of study at broadly the same pace. All children need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning in order that future learning is built upon firm foundations. 

Therefore, there are aspects of teaching for mastery of mathematics which will be seen in every mathematics lesson at Plympton St Maurice Primary School: 

  • A positive attitude and sense of excitement towards mathematics. 
  • Children learn through active enquiry and experiment using concrete materials, represent their mathematical ideas through images and follow a clear progression toward recording abstractly. 
  • Children learn to use multiple representations. 
  • A mathematically rich environment supports learning. 
  • Communication, using precise mathematical language, is consistently modelled, expected and supported. 
  • Independence is encouraged. 
  • Fluency and flexibility in calculation methods are modelled, expected and supported. 
  • Adults use skillful questioning to reveal, probe and address misconceptions. 
  • Children who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged through a range of rich and sophisticated problems, which further will support and strengthen their depth of understanding of the particular concepts being studied as appropriate. 
  • Scaffolding is provided for children when required. 
  • Both pre and post teaching opportunities are used where necessary in order to promote all children towards being active and influential participants of the learning. 
  • Purposeful and rigorous ongoing assessment identifies both mathematical concepts and children for additional support . 
  • Mathematical skills are practiced and applied across the curriculum. 

Mathematics is integral to all aspects of life and it is with this in mind that at Plympton St Maurice we endeavour to ensure that children develop a confidence in their ability to approach a range of mathematical problems and make sense of our world. We aim not only to prepare our children for the next stage of their education, but also to lay the foundations for successful lives after school and the jobs of tomorrow, which will require great levels of mathematical skills and an ability to think in depth mathematically in order to use technology that doesn’t yet exist. 

The aims of our maths teaching at Plympton St Maurice are aligned with the three core aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving): both in the mathematics lesson and across the curriculum. We recognise that pupils need to learn basic number facts and acquire fluency in procedures, alongside developing conceptual understanding if they are to be able to reason and solve increasingly complex problems in life and later in the workplace. 

Our Maths curriculum encompasses: 

Social and emotional learning, 


Mastery Learning, 

the Arts, 

Understand Learning, 


Independent Personal learning and thinking, 

Collaborative Learning and 

Experience rich curriculum. 

The impact of our mathematics curriculum is that we establish an environment where maths is fun, purposeful and challenging, where it is OK to be ‘wrong’ because the learning journey towards finding solutions and confidently applying new knowledge, understanding and reasoning skills is most important. Our children take great pride in what they achieve and have a growth mind-set, which supports them in making measurable progress throughout their time here; their maths books are packed with a range of learning outcomes showing rich evidence of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. 

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