Learning in the Natural Environment

What is Forest School?

Forest School has been developed into an educational programme which is used for children of all ages. Rather than concentrating on academic skills the Forest School approach is more focused on helping to develop personal, social and emotional skills such as encouraging communication skills, team work and raising self-esteem.

Children visit our woodland area on a regular basis and learn how to co-operate together in order to solve problems using their own initiative whilst developing life skills such as risk handling. Forest school offers a unique opportunity to complement aspects of the curriculum from Nursery to year 6.

Participants benefit by taking part in stimulating, exciting activities that become memorable to them. These learning experiences consolidate and transfer knowledge in a meaningful way. Forest School leaders focus on personal development and individual learning styles. The woodland is an excellent environment in which to learn and achieve.

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’ Benjamin Franklin.

What do we do?

Each session combines woodland activities with team building games and skills. The children are encouraged to become independent and confident. All instruments are given verbally, visually and using practical demonstration. Activities are broken down into small achievable steps. Children discover abilities that they have never been able to demonstrate before. We do a detailed health and safety as well as risk assessment check and both members of staff are first aid trained.

The use of tools such as loppers, saws and drills are introduced and guided on a 1:1 basis, careful supervision and procedures are in place.

How you can help:

Please make sure that you complete all of the consent forms and return it to the class teacher. Please can you make sure your child has the correct clothing and footwear to go on the sessions. Your child will need Wellington boots or walking boots, warm clothing and a waterproof coat/jacket.

Please note that all arms and legs must be covered even if it is in the middle of summer. Your child will attend several sessions in small groups. Each teacher will have those dates and forward them to you on the letter.