Behaviour for Learning

We aim to provide an environment that:

  • Enables learning for all within our school community
  • Ensures respect and empathy for others and acceptance of differences
  • Encourages cooperation and collaborative working to give children a feeling of belonging
  • Ensures children have self- discipline and take responsibility for their actions
  • Ensures all pupils and all adults feel safe, valued and cared for

To achieve this we will:

  • Create a positive, calm and purposeful environment
  • Provide a curriculum that is relevant, challenging and inspiring
  • Ensure all staff have an understanding and acceptance of the needs of all children
  • Have a shared understanding of procedures in this policy and apply them consistently
  • Ensure that teaching and modelling of personal, social and emotional development is a core element of all lessons and activities, and the whole curriculum
  • Effectively communicate with children and parents our high expectations for learning and behaviours
  • Work in partnership with multiagencies