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Her Majesty’s Schools Heroes is a unique, national, pupil voice group formed for the support of Service children and young people.  This group works actively and in harmony, to ensure that every member has a voice and is able to use it for the benefit of all.  Members of HMS Heroes are ambassadors and young advocates for Service families across the United Kingdom.  Most importantly, they are friends for each other, especially in times of need.

To date Heroes has in excess of 4000 members and is growing daily.  This is based on several factors that include registered service children, as noted in the annual schools’ census.  In addition, any child who has any relative serving in any of our Armed Forces, the Reserve Forces or the RFA, can be classed as a Heroes member. Children of veterans are also eligible as Heroes.

Plympton St. Maurice Primary School is proud to be linked with HMS Heroes.



For information specific to Plympton St. Maurice Primary School please visit our HMS Heroes page by clicking the link below: