In a world where technology provides us with so many great opportunities to extend our knowledge, connect with people and play games, it is really important that both parents and children know how to stay safe. Our school e-safety policy ensures that children are able to take full advantage of the potential of computing, while doing so in the safest environment we can create. We want a generation that is equipped with the tools needed to take full advantage of every opportunity available to them, in the safest possible way. The links on this page all lead to amazing sites full of the most up to date information. Every year we try and send out a free magazine full of top tips and advice, and there are regular, pertinent updates in the school newsletter. For now, use these websites to make sure your children are as safe at home as they are in school, and know what to do if things don’t work as they should.

Click here to access TikTok: what parents should know / Parent Zone to develop ‘digital family support worker’

Click here to view Jessie & Friends: online safety education for 4-7s.

Click here to view information on Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms

Click here to view online resources for parents & Carers from Childnet International

Click here to view the Let’s talk about life online booklet from Childnet International

Safer Internet Day 2022 Newsletter

Parental Controls booklet 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021 PowerPoint

Friends and Followers Poster

Children with Devices Poster

Age Ratings Poster


Fact Sheets for Parents

Media Use and Attitudes report 2022

Age Ratings Parent Factsheet

APEX Legends Parent Factsheet

ESPORTS Factsheet

Facebook Messenger Factsheet

Fake News Factsheet

Fifa Parent Factsheet

Fortnite Parent Factsheet

Group Chats Factsheet

Inspiring Children To Build A Better Digital World

Instagram Parent Factsheet

Livestreaming Parent Factsheet

Loneliness Online. What Causes It and Ways to Feel Better

Minecraft Parent Factsheet

NTFs Factsheet

Online Challenges Parent Factsheet

Phone Scams Factsheet

Setting Up New Devices for Children – What Parents Need to Know

Snapchat Parent Factsheet

Social Media Scams Factsheet

Supporting Children to deal with Upsetting Content

TikTok Parent Factsheet

Twitch Parent Factsheet

Twitter Parent Factsheet

Virtual Reality Factsheet

WhatsApp Parent Factsheet

YouTube Parent Factsheet



Scomis Online Safety Newsletters

Scomis Online Safety Newsletter for Parents – October 2021

Scomis Online Safety Newsletter for Parents – May 2021

Scomis Online Safety Newsletter for Parents – March 2021

Scomis Online Safety Newsletter for Parents – February 2021



Childnet International 

Parents and Carers can find all the information needed to keep your child safe online via the Childnet International website.


Establishing Parental Control

The National Crime Agency have recently realised information regarding the dangers associated with children using online streaming and mobile devices. The UK Safer Internet Centre have produced some excellent guidance for parents on how you can use parent controls on a range of mobile devices to safeguard content that children can access. These guides, which can be accessing by clicking on the links below, cover a range of media devices including:

The Key have produce some excellent fact sheets for parents on the latest internet craze Fortnite and You Tube. These fact sheets provide advice about how to use the safety features within the applications to help protect your child. to download the fact sheets please click on the links below:

Fortnight Factsheet

YouTube Safety Factsheet

Pokemon GO – What parents need to know

Parenting in the digital world

Parents and Carers Information

Parents and Carers Internet Safety Plan

Parents and Carers Pack Overview

Parents and Carers Quick Activities


ScoMIS Parents Online Safety Newsletter March 2019


ScoMIS Parents Online Safety Newsletter February 2019


Important Online Safety Update – February 2019

We have been made aware of a disturbing trend online, called Momo, which is being accessed through Whatsapp and other social media. Please be extra vigilant and supervise your children when online and accessing mobile apps.

Recent guidance from the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board has been circulated including an ‘MOMO Online Safety Guide for Parents ‘ from National Online Safety.  Please click here to view the MOMO Online Safety Guide for Parents.

They have requested that we remind parents not to focus solely on ‘Momo’, and advise parents to:

  • Talk to their child about what they are doing online and how to stay safe.  Let them know they can come to them or another trusted adult if they are feeling worried or upset by anything they have seen.
  • Explore their child’s on line activities with their child.  Understand why the child likes using them and help them know what they can do to keep themselves safe.
  • Agree family rules when using sites, apps and games.
  • Manage technology and use settings, blocking and reporting available to keep children safe online.

For more advice and support about keeping children safe online, call the free O2 NSPCC Online Safety Helpline on 0808 800 5002 or visit:




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